Development of two cycle innovative curricula in microelectronic engineering (DOCMEN)

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 11 new core curricula/modules

  • ULSI devices and novel simulation techniques
  • ECAD for Microsystems
  • Bio-Nanoelectronic devices for biosensing
  • Nano/Microelectronic interfaces for brain studies
  • Design of nanoscale integrated circuits
  • Nanomaterials
  • Packaging technologies in microelectronics
  • Microelectronic technologies for alternative sources of energy
  • Technologies and applications of Superconductive materials
  • Practise oriented curricula for micro electronics and data transmission
  • Innovative solving in microelectronics engineering problems, using TRIZ method

 3 new transferable curricula/modules

  • Effective communication with groups presentation techniques
  • Survival in Labor Market (carrier managing)
  • Project management (business planning, funding, marketing, performance)

New supporting learning environment

  • Joint web based platform
  • Microelectronics Labs (MicLabs)

Linking to the labor market

  • Establishing Microelectronics Service Office (MicSO) with stakeholders support

Updated current curricula in the target field