Project summary


The main purpose of DOCMEN is the modernisation of academic curricula in the field of microelectronics by developing innovative courses and methodologies using ECTS, the three cycle system and the recognition of degrees.
DOCMEN aims at a curricula reform in study courses related to microelectronics of higher educational institutions in the partner countries Armenia, Israel, Kazakhstan.
This goal is achieved through the cooperation of the partner countries with European partners and industrial project participants.
Multinational partnership


The project consist of 16 universities:

  • Four from program countries Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy
  • Four from Kazakhstan, four from Armenia, four from Israel

Industrial stakeholders from related fields:

  • 1 from Kazakhstan and 1 from Israel
  • spin-off company – ECM from Germany
arduino, diy, microcontroller

Project objectives

Overview of the main project activities

Upgrade current programmes/curricula in microelectronics inclusive ECTS

Prepare a set of documentation for MicLabs, purchase/install the equipment

Retrain academic/non-academic teachers in new curricula and methodology

Develop, publish, purchase the new tutorials, handbooks, syllabi

Develop a set of 11 new core curricula and 3 transferable modules in micro-, nano-electronics incl. soft skills/adopt on institutional/accredit on national level

Establishment of MicSO: developing a set of documentation/purchasing/installing equipment

Review/analysis of the current programmes/curricula (BA, MA) in micro-, nano-electronics

Develop a web based platform

Pilot teaching students in new curricula using Miclabs

Staff training/pilot operation/networking of MicSO

Master Classes in new curricula held in MicLabs