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New and revised courses have been developed in conjunction with a sustainable learning environment for a future-proof academic and professional landscape in the microelectronics industry of the partner countries.
11 new core curricula/modules
- 01
ULSI devices and novel simulation techniques
- 02
ECAD for Microsystems
- 03
Bio-Nanoelectronic devices for biosensing
- 04
Nano/Microelectronic interfaces for brain studies
- 05
Design of nanoscale integrated circuits
- 06
- 07
Packaging technologies in microelectronics
- 08
Microelectronic technologies for alternative sources of energy
- 09
Technologies and applications of Superconductive materials
- 10
Practise oriented curricula for micro electronics and data transmission
- 11
Innovative solving in microelectronics engineering problems, using TRIZ method

3 new transferable curricula/modules
- 01
Effective communication with groups presentation techniques
- 02
Survival in Labor Market (carrier managing)
- 03
Project management (business planning, funding, marketing, performance)

New supporting learning environment
- 01
Joint web based platform
- 02
Microelectronics Labs (MicLabs)

Linking to the labor market
- 01
Establishing Microelectronics Service Office (MicSO) with stakeholders support

Updated current curricula in the target field

First-hand course and enrolment information

Find direct information about the offered courses from partner universities of DOCMEN. The following links to the universities’ websites also provide contact and enrolment information for interested potential students.
Universities in Kazakhstan
Eurasian National University, ENU Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Caspian Public University, CPU Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Shakarim State University of Semey, SSUS Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
North Kazakhstan State University, NKSU Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Universities in Armenia
Yerevan State University, YSU Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
National Polytechnic University of Armenia, NPUA Courses Enrolment   About DOCMEN
European University EUA (formally European Regional Educational Academy Foundation, EREA) Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Gavar State University, GSU Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN  
Universities in Israel
Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Bar-Ilan University, BIU Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Sami Shamoon College of Engineer, SCE Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN
Holon Institute of Technology, HIT Courses Enrolment About DOCMEN